Ruicong Cai

Master Student


I'm a student of CSCE 656 student. It's my second semester here where fill me with joy of learning. Medium connects people by oral, printing, image, movie, network and more.  As I grew up, I encounter changes of ways people use to connect each other in just 20 years. When I was a litter child, my parents wrote letters to their friends. Then my father got his first beeper and then replaced it by a cumbersome phone.  As for me, I loved watching TV before I entered my undergraduate university. Then with abundant apps on smartphone and convenient network on my laptop, I seldom watched TV since most information I need can be gotten by these. 

With experiences of all these diverse media, I am deeply impressed by the function of media on human relation. I want to take a look on some deeper meaning and influence behind these media. I love programming and this course could give me a chance to realize a related system with teammates. Plus, this course, with a lot of reading materials, is very different from others, which attracts me a lot.

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